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Academic degrees, academic titles:
Ph.D., 6 June 1983, Perm State Technical University;

Senior staff scientist, 27 June 1989;

D.Sc., 3 October 1996. Professor, 27 December 2000, Ecology and life protection sciences;

Full member of the International Academy of Ecology and life protection sciences (IAELPS), 31 May 2001;

Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), 23 April 2008.

Publications, inventions and patents:

35 patents and inventor's certificates;

More than 250 publications and 4 books;

Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Scientific Israel - Technological Advantages”;

Member of the editorial boards of the journals “Innovations in Corrosion and Materials Science”;

Honorable Editor of “International Journal of Petrochemical Science & Engineering”.

Awarded 11 Orders, Medals and Honorary diplomas.


  • Development of new technologies of synthesis and properties research of high selective inorganic ion exchangers on basis of hydrated oxides and other inorganic compounds for recovery of rare alkali, alkali-earth and other rare and trace elements from complex natural brines and process liquors. Creation of sorbents for selective extraction of lithium, rubidium, cesium, strontium and other rare metals from natural and technological solutions with a high salt background. Development of a technology for the application of these sorbents for the recovery of these elements and the preparation of lithium, rubidium, cesium and strontium compounds. Creation of an experimental plant to produce highly selective inorganic sorbents.

  • Search, investigation and analysis of groundwater in the salt deposits of the Perm Region, RF. Investigation of the composition associated waters of oil deposits of the Perm region, Russian Federation. Development of equipment and mobile units for extraction of lithium from the associated waters of oil fields. Development of technology for obtaining lithium and its compounds from concentrates, after using highly selective sorbents.

  • Research of processes of synthesis and behavior of metal oxides colloidal solutions and soluble silicates of quaternary ammonium organic bases.

  • Research and mathematical modeling the processes of sol-gel transition. Development of sol-gel technology for the preparation of inorganic and organic-inorganic nanocomposite materials based on metal oxides and soluble silicates of organic bases with a regulated complex of physical and chemical properties. Development of the technology of manufacturing of composite inorganic sorbents for the extraction of rare metals.

  • Development of manufacturing technology and the creation of small-scale plants for the production of various compounds used as raw materials and catalysts in chemical-technological processes, in the production of pharmaceutical substances, in the production of electronic materials and in machine building for the production of composite materials. The basic classes of compounds: Alkoxides of various metals, acetylacetonates of metals, amines, nitriles, oximes, sulfonate compounds, ketones, complex esters and inorganic sorbents at alias.

The basic classes of compounds:

Amines, nitriles, oximes, sulfonate compounds, alkoxides of various metals, acetylacetonates of metals, ketones, and complex esters at alias and etc.

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